Types of Promotion



There are many types of promotion, and it is important to understand which ones are appropriate for your business. The purpose of a promotion is to increase the sales of a product or service or to improve a business’ image. Some forms of promotion are highly effective, while others are ineffective. A persuasive type of promotion attempts to convince the consumer that they need a product, while an informative type provides information on a product. Governments and corporations use informative promotion to educate the public about the products and services they sell.

A sales promotion is often accompanied by a limited-time offer. These limited-time deals usually require immediate action on the part of the consumer. Another type of promotion is a giveaway. This involves giving away free or discounted products or services in exchange for a purchase. Sales are very popular, and generally entice the customer to buy something, but too many of them can dull the excitement and create a negative impression.

Digital media is another form of promotion. This form of promotion involves communicating with customers through various platforms such as blogs and social networking sites. Companies can use organic or paid advertisements in these channels. This type of promotion is advantageous in that it can reach customers worldwide, but the downsides include a higher risk of system crash and information overload. When planning a promotion, consider your product’s life cycle.


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