BBQs 2U Brings Latest Gozney Pizza Ovens and Accessories to their Store



BBQs 2U is a family-owned business that has the passion and dedication of three generations.

They have been selling barbecues and related accessories for over 20 years, and thus have a great deal of experience.

Besides, they love the concept of outdoor cooking, and so constantly add such products to their inventory that make outdoor cooking effortless and fun.

One such brand that they recently started selling is Gozney Pizza Oven. The brand has been famous for years for making the sturdiest and most innovative restaurant-grade pizza ovens.

QHowever, in 2016 they finally introduced their first domestic pizza oven – the Roccbox. The company got a tremendous response for this oven, and why not, it is after all the world’s first portable stone floor pizza oven.

Later in 2021, the company launched its second domestic pizza oven – the Dome. Tom Gozney, the founder of the company was working on the design for over 3 years before introducing it in the market.

Irrespective of what you buy, the Roccbox or the Dome, for sure you will not get disappointed.

Both ovens are great at cooking restaurant-grade pizza, and that too within just 60 seconds. Yes, you heard it right.

One minute is what it is going to take to make pizza in these beautifully designed ovens. Now, if that cannot impress your friends and family, don’t know what can.

Furthermore, both the ovens come with a feature of multi-fuel. This means, you can cook using a wood fire as well as gas.

To switch to a different fuel, just turn a dial. You can either buy the wood-fire-only version or a wood and gas version.

Along with pizzas, you can cook meat, fish, and veggies to perfection using this multi-fuel cooking appliance.

Once you have settled on a Gozney Pizza Oven that suits your requirements, the next thing is to check out some amazing Gozney accessories.

These accessories will take your outdoor cooking experience to the next level, and of course, make cooking much fleepbleep easier.

One of the most purchased accessories along with the Gozney Dome Oven is the Gozney Dome stand.

Surely, you can place the oven on any kitchen top, but if you wish to use it in a free-standing position, this stand will help a lot.

It is perfectly designed to handle the weight of the Dome and has openable flaps on both sides. In addition, it even has locking wheels that make it a lot easier to reposition it.

Next, you can consider buying a Gozney Dome Door. With the help of this accessory, you will be able to control the temperature, amount of smoke, and steam in a much better way.

Other accessories like the Wood Loader, Dough Cutter, Dough Scrapper, Pizza Rocker, etc. are also worth wikibirthdays buying.

Last, but not least, the Gozney Dome Cover and the Roccbox Cover are what you need to protect your Gozney Pizza Oven when it is not being used. This cover fits perfectly over the oven and ensures it is protected from dust and debris.

Well, whatever Gozney product you are looking for, BBQs 2U has it in store for you. So, check out their collection by either visiting their website or their store in Abersoch.


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