3 Reasons Why Playtime is Essential for Your Kitty



Consider scheduling one or two brief play dates with your kitty every day because playtime is as essential for fur babies as much as it is for humans.

Many people believe cats are independent creatures and have little need for interaction with others, but this is far from the truth. Feline fur babies can be social and thrive on touchy interactions with fellow community members, other animals in the household, and their human companions.

An already socialized furball would want to spend as much time as possible with its humans and love them unconditionally. So, it only makes sense to provide a kitty with the joy of human companionship.

Playtime gives you ample opportunities for interaction and helps strengthen the bond you share with your cat, just as other activities like hand feeding and petting. However, any activity that includes an unpredictable fur baby involves risks.

Accidental injuries, falls, and other things worse can happen during a heated playtime. This is one reason you should consider being equipped with pet insurance for cats. Pet insurance covers a frisky feline for basic health benefits during non-routine vet visits and medical emergencies.

Contemplate purchasing a policy in the best interests of your munchkin’s health. In the meantime, read this article to learn why playtime is essential for your pet cat.

1.Health and wellbeing

Let your cat have the privilege of chasing after a ball, a laser dot, jumping to catch a set of feathers at a string’s end, and more. Such playful activities can help keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated and body in shape. Help your kitty pie stay active to lower health risks and burn those extra calories. Exercise is essential to keep weight gain at bay and stay fit and fine. It is advisable not to overwork your munchkin either. Allow it some rest between rounds and before starting a new game. Watch out for signs like panting, drowsiness, and non-responsiveness so you know when to halt playtime.

2.Physical/mental stimulation

Give your furry baby toys and fun activities to engage in to kill its boredom. An active mind and body help slow the aging process and keep your pet happy and healthy for a longer time. For instance, consider gifting your cat traditional cat toys like stuffed mice and catnip balls and robotic toys, treat dispenser toys, puzzle toys, and more to appeal to its hunting desire.

3.Unleash pent-up energy

If your cat starts meowing for no reason or is suddenly darting across the home, then it has a lot of pent-up energy. Give your cat kitty opportunities to release it productively, like by scheduling a good play session; otherwise, you may have to deal with furry tantrums and negative behaviors like aggression, scratching, chewing, and biting things inside the house. So, focus on playing games that mimic hunting and allow your kitty to take down the prey, so the game ends satisfactorily for your cat.

Above all the benefits listed here, playing with your pet allows you to carefully examine its body. This way, you can quickly spot any pain or illness that may have taken over your pet. Meet your vet should you suspect a health problem.

At the same time, consider being prepared with pet insurance for cats, so unexpected pet health expenses are more manageable. Contemplate purchasing pet insurance so your furry baby gets quality medical care with little economic burden.