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Jamendo is a platform for independent musicians, artists, and bands to upload their music and connect with the fans who appreciate their work. Jamendo is dedicated to helping artists share and distribute their music legally. It offers a comprehensive catalog of more than 40,000 tracks from 150 countries. And for fans, it is one of the best ways to listen to new music for free.

In addition to their free downloads, Jamendo users can support their favorite artists by tipping them through PayPal. The site features a forum for artists, as well as a variety of advanced tools to help fans identify and track their favorite songs.

While there are many different free music services available, Jamendo is one of the most popular. With over 500,000 unique visitors every month, the site has become a favorite among music enthusiasts. Users can search through the database, read reviews written by other members, and write their own reviews. They can also rate albums, star individual albums, and customize their social network preferences.

As a member, you can participate in the Jamendo community, which boasts 200,000 active members. You can create a free account, upload tracks, and share your favorite tracks with other users. If you’re an artist, you can sell your music and receive 50% of the advertising revenue that is generated by the site.

Jamendo also offers the option to license your music. If you want to make money from your music, you can choose to license your tracks under the Free Art or Music Synchronization licensing programs. However, you can also receive royalties for your music under the Creative Commons licenses.

Currently, Jamendo has a global presence, but it is also developing plans to launch a Swedish version soon. Its executives spoke recently at a iCommons summit in Croatia. Its business model is based on Creative Commons licenses, which give users the freedom to use and remix the songs, but ensure the rights of the creator.

Unlike traditional music distribution platforms, Jamendo is a nonexclusive platform, which means that you can promote and promote your music as much as you’d like. However, you are not prevented from signing exclusive contracts with record companies. Instead, you can receive a percentage of the site profits based on the number of page views that your tracks receive.

Moreover, if you’re an artist, you can earn money from the licensing of your background music. For more information on licensing, visit the Jamendo site. Another interesting feature is the “Babel” feature, which allows you to find music with a variety of genres. This feature helps users discover the best music for their needs.


Additionally, Jamendo provides free hosting, music promotion, and licensing. By using their services, you can help artists get the recognition they deserve. Even though you can’t contribute financially to your favorite musicians, you can still support them by sharing their music on social networks and writing reviews. When you’re done, you can donate to the artist via PayPal.


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