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There are some pros and cons to Health First Fitness Club. The gym is relatively large, and offers many different types of cardiovascular exercise classes. It also offers an indoor rubber track, basketball court, volleyball court, and daycare. However, the location is not ideal. The gym could benefit from upgrading its locker rooms and ceiling fans net4indianews.

Membership cost

Health First Fitness Club membership cost varies depending on how many people you’re joining and how long you plan to use the facility. The rate for a three-month membership is $130. The rate for a six-month membership is $240, and the price for a twelve-month membership is $420. There are also discounts for seniors, insurance, and associates fzstudioweb. Students also enjoy a 30% discount, and the price is only $100 for three months, $210 for six months, and $390 for 12 months.

Programs offered

The Health First Fitness Club offers a wide variety of fitness programs, designed to make physical training fun and effective. Using off-the-beaten-path physical training methods, Health First antrenors design training plans that are both diverse and customized itsmynews. They also offer home visits, making it easy to stay active and healthy from the comfort of your own home.

Wellness and lifestyle programs are designed to help you improve your health and improve your life in general. These programs range from nutrition and smoking cessation to preventive screenings. They are open Monday through Friday from six a.m. to 11 p.m., and include the Real Appeal(r) program lockerz.


Health First plans to close two of its Pro Health and Fitness locations. The Merritt Island location near State Road 520 is set to close. That’s because Health First plans to move Cape Canaveral Hospital there blogradiovn. The Viera location opened in 2008 and is the last of four. Health First says the closures are necessary for the hospital to move to a new location.


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